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Thread: Shared Folders/Items removed from roadmap!

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    Angry Shared Folders/Items removed from roadmap!

    Ok, now this is getting stupid.

    Since Mobility came out as Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack, it has been repeatedly asked about when shared folders and items would be available. 'Soon', 'next release', 'on roadmap' and variety of answers I recall seeing/hearing. I have just checked the roadmap page (https://www.novell.com/products/groupwise/roadmap/) again as I've been asked again about it by Senior Management and now it's gone altogether! It's not even listed as an item in future Mobility releases.

    I don't think the importance of Shared Folders has sunk in somewhere. If something doesn't appear soon then the push for non-GroupWise shores will certainly get a lot stronger. Senior management don't want slow clunky interfaces, they want something quick and integrated - ActiveSync, and they want to see customer folders that are shared with them over ActiveSync. No heavy laptop, no messing about logging into a webmail interface, something instant.

    I'm dreading the day I hear the instruction to migrate away. The release of DSMP and now Mobility have put it off, but with no prospect of Shared Folders then it won't be long :-(

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