For each physical printer we have two printer objects - e.g. "printer-BW" and "printer-Colour"

For Windows we have two driver profiles created, one with printing set to greyscale (linked to the BW object) and one with printing set to Colour (linked to Colour object).

This all works well.

Now we enable Airprint, which of course doesn't use the Windows driver profiles. Also, there is no setting in Airprint to select Colour/Greyscale at print time, hence all Airprint printing to the "BW" printer will come out in full colour !

The Novell iPrint APP does provide this Color/Greyscale setting, but a: can't be printed to from some apps (including the email app for email bodies) and b: requires authentication from the handset which we do not require or want.

The printers are mainly Konica Minolta MFDs which don't have a "greyscale only" LPR queue name.

Is there a way to present the "BW" printer as only being Greyscale capable so that the Airprint client will only send a greyscale job ?