This is an eval, so I presume no support is available. We don't currently have OES maintenance in place - would be doing yearly subscription for iPrint if it trials well.

Source NW6.5SP8 with iPrint enabled printers, working DNS names

Target iPrint appliance 1.1 under VMware ESXi 5.1u3. Users imported from AD source. I am not concerned with bring ACLs across.

Creation of existing printer agents, drivers and printer driver profiles on appliance without affecting existing printers (i.e. don't want them removed or redirections set on the Netware side).

What I have done:
Created appliance with new FQDN and DNS name that are different to the existing Netware server. Run the miggui (using mobaxterm).
Selected printer to migrate, select to copy drivers (local store, no extras) and drivers profiles.

I have it fail when migrating, but the printer agents and drivers actually comes across.
Printer Driver Profiles do NOT come across.

Thoughts ? Things to check ? Info required to troubleshoot ?