We have a NAS and a Nasuni appliance. Although we can migrate files to shares on these devices, their shares no longer show up in the Storage Resource list (and rebuilding/discovering doesn't find them.) The only way I was able to get a new policy that had the Nasuni as its target was to export a policy we already had, then re-import it with a new name. Or, in one case, I created a group policy with one of our little local test shares as the target, edited the XML to have the Nasuni shared path in there instead, then re-imported it.

We have a DFS set up with both the Nasuni and NAS associated to it, and the NSMProxy group has delegation rights. And I don't believe anything with the configuration of NSMProxy rights has changed.

We upgraded our NSM to v4.0.0. We can't say 100% for sure that our resource list went wrong after that, since the list seems to stick around until it's rebuilt etc. - but it's a possibility. Any thoughts? We're open to suggestions. I can get around it by doing the export, editing the XML, then importing again, but it's a bit awkward.