Hi All

We are using the iPrint Appliance in conjunction with Papercut follow me printing. The idea is that everyone prints to the one iPrint Printer and whichever printer the user goes to they swipe their ID card and Papercut redirects their job to that printer. Our issue is that the swipe card number for each user is stored in the Serial Number attribute in eDirectory. As the iPrint appliance is it's own Edirectory tree when we do the iPrint LDAP import we need to import the Serial Number attribute as well so Papercut has access to the each users swipe card number. It does not matter which attribute the number is imported to as I can adjust that at the Papercut end. Under the Users section on the LDAP import screen it lists the Internal ID to ldap attribute list. I have tried changing this list to get the sync to import to the Card ID number from the Serial Number attribute to the phone, Description, even first and last name but even left at the defaults the only attribute it will sync is the Last Name.

If anyone has any idea where I could go next to try something or even get a log file to try and trace what is going on.

Many Thanks in advance