I know this has been asked before but none of the threads I have found give an answer to this or at least a good answer. Is there any way that I can determine if there is a user logged into a workstation, not the Primary user or logged onto primary workstation option. (The Primary user and Primary Workstation is useless in our environment as we have multiple users per workstation daily.) There are some actions in bundles that do not play nice when no user is logged in and it would be nice not filling up the log with these messages, for example "There is no user session available or user session cannot be determined". Also if there is a bundle that needs to know if there is a user logged in, as it may need to be run differently if they are not. This would be simple as adding a filter under the Requirements to say "User Logged In" (Yes or No) or something similar so that this action could determine if it needs to run or not.