Hi I'm having a weird problem with installing a second PS in to a upgraded singel PS zone. I just got the singel server upgraded to 11.3.1 FRU1/SLES11.3 and database on MSSQL 2012.
That is working great, no issues with the singel server.
But when I try to install the new server as a PS to the existing zone I get this error, "This version of ZENworks is not compatible with the version (10.3.0) found in the zone"...10.3.0 ???
I tried to look for any clueds in the ZenServerVersion.xml file after finding TID7014023, https://www.novell.com/support/kb/doc.php?id=7014023. The file says 11.3.1 in the file.
Why do I get the 10.3.0. message and how can I correct this?

Any Ideas?