We still have NDPS on Netware 5. It works.

I have not needed to add a new print driver in over a year. I need to update the driver set for a new printer, but I can not.

- In standalone Imanager I get the message "Uploading resources to the Broker using "add from file" is not currently supported.

- In standalone Imagager I get the message "Uploading Driver using "Add From system" must be done using IE5.5 or later" My PC had IE 8, I then down graded to IE 7, nothing helped.

My PC is running XP, sp2 (for compatibly reasons).

For some reason IManager from the Netware 6.5 server is will not even run, it starts then just stops.

any help would be appreciated (and yes I should get NDPS\Iprint on Netware 6.5, then Linux)

Phil J