In my office environment we are seeing 2 different behaviors by the iPrint client when there is a client update and I'm trying to figure out some things about iPrint so that I can determine whether it or something else is causing a different password lockout issue.

What is happening is when a computer logs in, if I have the iPrint notifications turned on, I get 2 different behaviors from my systems. There are a large portion that will just log in like normal, but until a printer is selected or print job is sent to it iPrint sits quietly and does nothing obvious, and at that point it will notify of client or printer updates for the user to accept. The other behavior is that after the computer logs in but in the timeframe of the desktop still loading and before opening their first application, iPrint will pop up with update notifications. I am trying to identify what is different between various systems that is causing these different behaviors.

This is leading me towards troubleshooting an issue that I believe is rooted in iPrint, where when my users update their passwords their accounts get locked. What I think is happening is that these computers where iPrint triggers immediately at login authenticates to iPrint with the old credentials while the user is in the process of updating their password. Once the password changes, the old credentials that have just gone through but are no longer valid cause a lockout, and what usually happens is when a user goes to print a document they get the iPrint login prompt, neither password work, they sign out only to find that they are locked out and IT gets a call to unlock them. I'm not 100% sure that iPrint is the culprit but this issue started after we switched to the iPrint appliance earlier this year and I have to deal with unlocks regularly ever since.

Any insight on either of these issue is appreciated to help solve this mystery of getting locked out. Thanks!