we have to migrate a server with shadow volumes to new hardware.
Assuming the following situation:

Source Server:
- SLES11 SP1 OES11
Pool DATA 500 GB with Volume DATA 500 GB almost full (Primary Volume)
Pool SH_DATA 500 GB with Volume SH_DATA 500 GB almost full (Shadow Volume)
No more space left on the Server

Target Server:
- SLES11 SP3 OES11 SP2
app. 2 TB free Space

What I found in the documentation:

Migrating with the Shadow Volume Relationship: Only 1 GB of data from the source server can be migrated to the primary volume Vol4 of the target server. If you need the data on all the volumes of source server to be migrated to the target server, perform the following:

NOTE:You require to stop the DST policies temporarily before performing migration.

1.Stop the existing DST policies.

2.Create a project to migrate the data less than or equal to 1 GB from the source server to the target server.

3.Perform the migration.

4.(Conditional) If some files or folders were open on the source server and did not get migrated to the target server, perform synchronization.

Synchronization must be performed before performing the next step.

5.Configure a DST policy on the target server to move the migrated data from the primary volume to the secondary volume.

As a result, there is space available on the primary volume of the target server to migrate additional data from the source server.

6.Stop the DST policy after the required data is moved from the primary volume Vol4 to the secondary volume Vol5.

7.Repeat Step 2 to Step 6 until the entire data is migrated.

Following the doku I have to perform 1000 migations for 1TB data?
Is there a smoother way to do the migration of the volumes?

Best regards