I need advice from people in the know, which obviously, I'm not one of. I'm a long time Novell devotee, but 2 years ago went to the dark side and installed a Windows SBS 2003 server and used it for some time for my little business (5 user maintenance license). However, I kept my maintenance for Novell NOWS paid up. I think perhaps 20 months ago I may have posted a question here about having a SLES server with GroupWise and Groupwise mobility server (GMS) on one piece of hardware. I may have misinterpreted KBoyle's advice at the time when he suggested it was perfectly possible for one physical server to do this by having GMS on a Virtual machine.

About 3 months ago I took the leap back to Novell and got SLES11SP3 with OES11 Add-ons (SP2?) running on a 'new' server. I've got file sharing working from the SLES server. I got Groupwise 2014 running on it, no problems. Then I installed a XEN virtual machine and that's running. However getting GMS working on this VM has proved a headache when today - after submitting a SR - we realized that we could not communicate (other than Ping) with the host server from the VM. The Novell Engineer advised I should not have set up my servers this way. He advised I should have my main server set up as a host, and create one Virtual machine for GroupWise, and a second VM for GMS. I was not told where I should have my shared folders (a third VM?).

Until 2 months ago I had never set up a VM, so please forgive my ignorance. I need advice please - if I am to stick with Novell & GroupWise - on how to proceed:
1. Do I blow the whole lot away and start again?
2. Do I keep my SLES server, and create two or three VMs as discussed above to cater for Shared files; GroupWise, and GMS?
3. How do I move my GroupWise 2014 data from the host to a VM on the host?

I have to say here that I find Novell documentation on all this quite poor: it all seems to be down to so much detail, and there's not an overview of what and how is required.
Looking forward to suggestions, please?