Hi, I'm in the process of creating a bundle for "Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suite Ultimate 2015 Extension". With only half of the bundle created I'm already at 8 go. Now I'm trying to add in my next step the Maya 2015 application which is about 2.52 Go and 24*568 files / 1*040 folders (Install MSI action). The upload is successful. I then don't close my IE session to let the server finish what it's doing properly. My different timers are set for 3 hours before me logging me out. I can also check on my Linux server to see if the Java process has stop eating 100% of my CPU or more. Usually, I just wait for my bundle to change status for "Available" and I'm done. But in this case the size of my bundle remain the same and the bundle status is "Available". And, of course, my bundle is now corrupted. So I now have to start again. Anyone seen this before? What are you best practice in this matter?

Thanks in advance for the help!