I have installed OES/Linux servers before, but always without any GUI. This time, however, I do need the GUI because I need to do a Transfer ID Migration from Netware 6.5 SP8 to OES11 SP2 and doing it via scripts just seems too terrifying ;)

I should also mention that my OES11 server is installed on Citrix Xenserver, so I can't have a GUI "on the console". As I understand, VNC access should still work.

During server installation, from base system patterns I chose the following:
Base system
Minimal system
32bit runtime environment
GNOME Desktop environment
X Window System
DHCP and DNS server

During initial installation I also enabled remote administration via VNC. Firewall ports are open and server is listening on port 5901. But when I connect with TightVNC viewer to <server_ip:5901> or <server_ip:1>, all I get is a black screen with a crosshair mouse cursor. After some time, the VNC connection closes with message "Error while waiting for server message".

I can't even find any failure messages in logs under /var/log. The only relevant message is in /var/log/xinetd.log:
14/10/30@16:38:03: START: vnc1 from=
14/10/30@16:40:11: EXIT: vnc1 status=0 duration=128(sec)

Is this supposed to "just work" or have I missed an obvious setup step somewhere?