We have an OES11sp1 server as a VM on ESXi 5.5. Move the environment to
a new larger SAN with more disk space. Currently for one server we have
the following:

Linux volume - 40GB - virtual disk1
NSS volume - 600GB - virtual disk2
NSS volume - 600GB - virtual disk3
NSS volume - 600GB - virtual disk4

What is the best way to expand the NSS volumes with additional space.

Options would be:

1. Create a virtual disk5 and allocated space to each of the 3 NSS volumes.

2. Create 3 virtual disks, one for each volume and allocate the space
entirely to each of the existing 3 NSS volumes on a 1 to 1 basis

3. Expand the underlying virtual disks 2-4 at the ESXI 5.5 level and
then within SLES, rescan the scsi bus and then add the space to the
existing pools by expanding the pool. This would retain the original 3
virtual disk scheme. With ESXi 5.5, it appears that you can expand the
virtual disk when the guest VM is running.

What is the best option and why? It would appear that option #1, which
spans the existing 3 volumes across the 4th would have a cause the
possibility of if virtual disk 5 failed, it would cause all volumes to fail.

Option 2 would appear to OK and limit failures to a single volume

Option 3 would be similar to 2 but not have the additional virtual disks
and the original virtual disks are just resized.

What is the preferable option?

In addition, we have the linux OS volume setup via LVM with the /boot,/
and /swap partitions. If we want to expand this also, how would we do this.