We have 4 OES11sp1 servers and 1 SLES11sp2 server VMs on an ESXi 5.5
host. All are patched to the Sep 2014 level. We need to upgrade to OES
11sp2 and then also the GW2012 server and separate data mobility server
to the current GW2014 version and current data mobility level. 3
servers have read/write replicas of edirectory with one being the master

Specific questions:

1. Do they all need to be upgraded at the same time. If not, within
what time frame.

2. With ESXi, I would think it would be advisable to use the snapshot
feature to provide the ability to easily restore if an issue occurs.
Does the snapshot also freeze a copy of linux volumes so they can be
reverted if need be. How specifically do you do this and then how to
you delete the snapshot and when.

3. We use basic OES services, NSS, NCP, SMS, edirectory, LDAP,
imanager, remote manager, DHCP (no DNS), LUM.

4. What is the preferred way to do the upgrade. For the initial
installation, we had the combined SLES11sp2/OES11sp1 ISO on the ESXi
5.1, now 5.5 datastore. We have placed the SLES11sp3/OES11sp2 ISO on
the same datastore.

5. What is the preferred way to perform the upgrade. I have been
reviewing the OES11sp2 installation guide and specifically the upgrade
section. It would appear that you can boot off the ISO and do the
upgrade, upgrade via the channel using zypper or upgrade via the channel
using wagon.

6. It appears that OES11sp2 introduced and implemented a
commonproxyuser scheme. Does this get automatically implemented.

7. What specific things do I need to be aware of and change during and
after the upgrade process. Everything is working fine at this point
with OES11sp1 so nothing needs to be changed other than the upgrade.

8. We will upgrade Groupwise and Data Mobility after the SLES/OES upgrade.

Thanks for your assistance in advance.