We have a couple of Dell PE300s in branch offices (ie on slow WAN links) which need to support CIFS connections from WIN7 desktops using NTLMv2 protocol only -- this until the data is migrated to AD/vfiler. The current installed OS (SLES10SP2/OES2SP1) doesn't support this protocol. These servers were built (well before my time) with a single virtual disk (sda) utilising EVMS and NSSand I'm aware that this is definitely NOT recommended.

I was hoping to install SLES11/OES11 straight over the top of the existing OS, leaving the NSS partition intact, while recycling the linux partitions: sda1 (1GB) = /boot; sda2 (50GB) => system; sda3 (20GB) => /var. Is this even possible?

In any case we need to test this beforehand and I've been having problems with the partitioning of my test VM, although that may be because I'm completely unfamiliar with EVMS. The production server partition scheme is as follows:

│/dev/sda                      │    931.0 GB│   │Dell-VIRTUAL │
│/dev/sda1                     │      1.0 GB│   │Linux native │
│/dev/sda2                     │     50.0 GB│   │Linux LVM    │
│/dev/sda3                     │     20.0 GB│   │Linux native │
│/dev/sda4                     │    840.4 GB│   │Novell NetWar│
│/dev/system                   │     50.0 GB│   │LVM2 system  │
│/dev/system/opt_vol           │      5.0 GB│   │LV           │
│/dev/system/root_vol          │      5.0 GB│   │LV           │
│/dev/system/swap_vol          │      2.0 GB│   │LV           │
│/dev/system/usr_vol           │      5.0 GB│   │LV           │
│/dev/system/var_vol           │     10.0 GB│   │LV           │
│/dev/evms/STORAGE             │    840.4 GB│   │EVMS         │
│/dev/evms/sda1                │      1.0 GB│   │EVMS         │
│/dev/evms/sda3                │     20.0 GB│   │EVMS         │
│/dev/evms/lvm2/system/opt_vol │      5.0 GB│   │EVMS         │
│/dev/evms/lvm2/system/root_vol│      5.0 GB│   │EVMS         │
│/dev/evms/lvm2/system/swap_vol│      2.0 GB│   │EVMS         │
│/dev/evms/lvm2/system/usr_vol │      5.0 GB│   │EVMS         │
│/dev/evms/lvm2/system/var_vol │     10.0 GB│   │EVMS         │
│/dev/mapper/sda4.1            │    840.4 GB│   │DM           │
On our VMWare test server we don't appear to be able to create an EVMS container at all - when I click 'ADD VOLUME' nothing happens. I don't want to waste too much time on this if it really can't be done.