I have a user who has recently had a new machine, though I don't think it can be anything to do with the problem, as it's the same build as so many others we have.
Anyway, he cached his mailbox on day1, whilst in the office. It appeared to complete, no errors, and the send/receive cycle appeared to finish just fine. But whilst on site, with only a VPN connection, he mentioned his shared folders were missing huge amounts of email. We experimented with un-sharing and re-sharing folders, but then gave in and said we'd re-cache his entire mailbox when he's back in the office.

I ran analyse/fix maintenance tasks on his mailbox on Friday, all OK. Then I deleted his local cache, and rebuild it again from scratch. It was left to complete over the weekend (it didn't need to be left really, but just incase!)

This morning, he has even less mail in his shared folders than before. Telling GroupWise to do a send/receive takes a while because the shared folders are quite huge, but it finishes, but he's still missing 1000's of emails.

Any ideas anyone? I've never seen this before to be honest, and we've been using GroupWise for 15 years, and shared folders have been used for our project correspondence for at least 8 of those!

Many thanks in advance, Alan