Now I know there is a simple solution to this - delete the file manually but I'm just trying to understand why GroupWise can't clean up an [B]old[B] user db when it does a structure check. This is a very old file that's corresponding user was deleted pre-migration to 2012 and SLES and for some reason it never got cleaned up. We have deleted users since and the newer deleted users were cleared up correctly, so rights to the file location are fine I think. Here's what is shown in the gwcheck log:

Checking for user databases that do not correspond to active users

Problem 39- Unknown file uservur.db - 163840 bytes, 08/04/14 19:32
- deleting file
- WARNING- delete failed: 0x8200

All I really want to do is make sure there are not rights issues and get the old user DB removed.