I have now posted this here, since I know GWIA is causing it, but I still do not have a solution. Please note I have added a couple more things we have tried...

Hello, we have a server running:

- Novell Netware 6.5 SP8 (The last released server pack)
- Groupwise 8.0.3 HP1, with all agents updated to 8.0.3

This server recently, without any software changes, network changes, or physical hardware changes, is now displaying the error message:
Function Free received Invalid Pointer 0x00006565

As far as we can tell, it's group wise related, as it only happens when we load GWIA. Within a 5 to 20 minute windows, after GWIA is loaded, the server will first display:
Function Free received Invalid Pointer 0x00006565

Then server performs several small abends...after that is abends FULLY and reboots....
We looked in the abend log...and there are no abends recorded since 2010....not sure why...

Here is a list of what we tried so far, when this started happening this morning:
1. Cleaned all temp/log files out of Apache and tomcat
2. Cleaned away any useless temp files we saw
3. Renamed all groupwise processing folders such as PRC.000 etc etc, PRC.000_OLD etc (So that they are recreated, incase a message is stuck
4. Let the MTA and POA run without the GWIA, they seem to happily run with no abends
5. Load the GWIA (Within 5 to 10 minutes, server abends)
6. Applied Groupwise patch 8.0.3 Hp1, for all agents (Groupwise) We were on 8.0.2 before this, when we started experiencing the problem
7. Mail server does load all comports including GWIA, and mail processes perfects, but server still amends after 5 - 20 minutes (Same problem as on 8.0.2) patch does not fix issue..
8. Ran Server with just MTA and PTA loaded, no problems, ran for about an hour no issues...so we loaded guia...19 minutes later, it abebded with the message below, it then rebooted a couple minutes later
9. Tried loading GWIA into its own prtotec space with the following comands:
protect gwia

No Love.

Of course before it abends, the same error message occurs, IE: Function Free received Invalid Pointer 0x00006565

Not sure why it is happening, out of current ideas.....