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Thread: Backup retention using dbcopy

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    Backup retention using dbcopy

    I'm looking to use dbcopy to create and maintain a backup of Groupwise that can also be used as an 'always on' restore point. So in theory I would run dbcopy each night to the same destination and that destination could be configured as a restore point in the Groupwise system while also be used as for disaster recovery if the GW server died.

    I've been experimenting with this script (Thanks magic31) with the rsync commented out so I can retain old data:
    # Replace var paths accordingly
    # end var paths
    #quick check for path contents domain & run copy if found
    echo "checking path to live GroupWise dibs..."
    if [ -d $gwsourcepath$dom1loc ]; then
    echo "Directory exists, doing copy..."
    echo start copy domain dibs >> $gwdestpath/gwbak.log
    date >> $gwdestpath/gwbak.log
    # N O T E Make sure $gwsourcepath is pointing to the the live area  -  ALWAYS COPY FROM LIVE TO THE RESTORE AREA
    echo "DBCopy primary domain.."
    /opt/novell/groupwise/agents/bin/dbcopy -d -k $gwsourcepath$dom1loc $gwdestpath$dom1loc
    echo --end copy domain dibs >> $gwdestpath/gwbak.log
    date >> $gwdestpath/gwbak.log
    echo Start copy po dibs >> $gwdestpath/gwbak.log
    date >> $gwdestpath/gwbak.log
    echo "DBCopy van PO.."
    /opt/novell/groupwise/agents/bin/dbcopy -p -k $gwsourcepath$po1loc $gwdestpath$po1loc
    echo --end copy po dibs >> $gwdestpath/gwbak.log
    date >> $gwdestpath/gwbak.log
    echo --  >> $gwdestpath/gwbak.log
    echo Rsync with delete option for offiles folder restore area - clear attachments that live in live area nomore >> $gwdestpath/gwbak.log
    #rsync --delete --ignore-existing --prune-empty-dirs --recursive $gwsourcepath$po1loc/offiles/ $gwdestpath$po1loc/offiles/
    #rsync --delete --ignore-existing --prune-empty-dirs --recursive $gwsourcepath$po1loc/ofuser/index/ $gwdestpath$po1loc/ofuser/index/
    #set timestamp to now for PO databases
    /opt/novell/groupwise/agents/bin/gwtmstmp -s -p $gwsourcepath$po1loc
    echo "Directory does not exists, exit script"
    echo --dbcopy GroupWise did not run - path not found to domian >> $gwdestpath/gwbak.log
    date >> $gwdestpath/gwbak.log
    echo --end copy script GroupWise restore area >> $gwdestpath/gwbak.log
    date >> $gwdestpath/gwbak.log
    What I'm finding, however, is that after each pass of dbcopy only the previous day's state will display in the 'backup' area of the Groupwise client. For example, I run dbcopy night of Oct 31, then the next day (Nov 1) I delete 'email A' from the inbox, if I switch to the 'backup' location in the GW client, 'email A' is the only visible item in the inbox. This is working as expected because the backup only shows the difference between the live inbox and the backup source. dbcopy runs again the night of Nov 1 and the next day, Nov 2nd I delete 'email B'. Now when I view the backup location in the GW client I see 'email B' but not 'email A' any longer. My expectation is that I would see both 'email A' and 'email B' in the inbox of the backup store.

    So my question is, is it possible for this to work the way I'm thinking or do I need to create separate directories for the dbcopies or possibly is there a switch I can use dbcopy to get this to work in an incremental fashion?

    One of the things I like about this script is that by using gwtmstmp, the successive backups by dbcopy are incremental and take very little time. But now I'm also wondering if that's part of the reason I'm only seeing the previous day's state in the backup store.

    Also of note, there is another 3rd party product performing backups of the groupwise system using tsafs --EnableGW in the smdrd.conf file but I don't believe that is related as I have the same problem when I restore from these backups. Ultimately my intention is remove the step of having to restore the post office to retrieve deleted email and then stop using the 3rd party product for Groupwise backups.

    Any assistance/advice is appreciated and let me know if I need to provide additional detail.


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