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Thread: Overview of shared items by user

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    Overview of shared items by user

    I'm trying to figure out how to handle this situation:

    1. UserX shares a folder (FolderA) from their home directory with some other users - UserY and externaluser@gmail.com.
    2. UserX leaves our organization. Their eDirectory account is disabled and so their Filr account also gets disabled.
    3. Other users happily continue working on FolderA, not even being aware that this folder is actually on another user's Home directory and that other user has left. When home directory of UserX gets deleted, they are disappointed because of losing their important files.

    Now what? I'd prefer to not have to keep home directories of users permanently after deleting the users. So I thought that once the user leaves, I go to Filr administration console and go to Shares > Find share items by user, check out which files/folders were shared by the user and move them to somewhere else, from where they can be shared again.

    However, this approach has some problems
    1. The shared items are listed by name, but it is not possible to see where in the filesystem the items are located.
    2. If there are many shared items, it's a lot of work.

    I thought that maybe I could cook up a database query that gives me the report of all items shared by UserX, together with full pathname, recipient name/email, rights and share expiration info, but I quickly got lost in the database. Is the database schema documented anywhere? Besides, I suspect if such a report were easy to create, it would already be in the Administration console.

    How are others handling the situation described above?
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