We have updated ZCM from 11.2.4MU1 to 11.3.1 FRU1.
Now we have a problem with 'Scripted Imaging'.

When a 'Scripted Image' is assigned to a registered workstation or a new workstation is being imaged by a 'Rule-Based Image', the script will be repeated over and over again (loop).
Within the script, three Images are being deployed to the workstation : 'Base', 'Driver' and 'Client'. After the last Image is deployed to the workstation, the script will be started again (without a reboot) and the images are deployed again.
When with a registered device 'Cancel Imaging work' is selected, the script will stop at the moment the last Image is deployed. Hereafter the workstation reboots and boots with the deployed OS.

We have tested some situations.
- Using a 'Imaging bundle' with seperated Image-Actions (base, driver and client) works fine and the imaging task is reset.
- Updating the Imaging driver (october 2014) does not make any difference
- Creating an new Scripted Imaging bundle (with ZCM 11.3.1), does not make any difference
- BIOS settings like ATA(IDE)/RAID/AHCI (AHCI is default) does not make any difference

What does work with 'Scripted Imaging' : Downgrade the PXE -files (initrd..etc) with the files of 11.2.4.

We like to go on with the new version of ZCM, but scripted imaging has to work.