Hi all: I have a strange issue where my Win7 64-bit clients (SP3 IR7a or IR9) are not logging in properly. User login appears to proceed without errors except that the login script from the users OU does not run. I know the credentials are correct as they are passed to the ZCM agent for log in as well. When the log in process is complete (the user sees no errors) they have not been logged into the needed servers. They can then manually log in using the same credentials and this log in works fine and the login script runs perfectly.

All the machines exhibiting this issue are on the same subnet. XP machines to not exhibit this issue. The workstations were created using the exact same image that all other computers in the organization. The local servers hold the proper partitions and NDS is in good shape. All our servers all run OES11 SP2 with the exception for of the ZCM 11.3 server which runs SLES 11 SP3.

I don't know if this issue is a ZCM problem or Novell client issue. Has anyone seen similar behavior?