Hi There,

Our network contains about 700 computers and 700 HP terminals (for remote desktop sessions). We use ZCM 11.3 to image the computers and manage them. For this the PXE server from ZCM is active on our network. All computers only use PXE when pressing the F12 button or when remote wakeup is used.
All terminals however always use PXE and this is a problem. We are looking for a way to manage the terminals as well with a other tool then we had (Altiris). We can disable the PXE boot in the terminals but that is a hell of a job and I think that we can enable them later on in the year.

Is it possible the exclude some devices in the PXE server so that the terminals make a connection with the zcm pxe server but continue to boot in windows?

Or is it possible to manage HP terminals like a Windows PC with ZCM?