I'm re-posting this here as I didn't get any response from the original post linked below:



A while back we had to re-create our Organisational CA and server certificates. (Don't ask why...) Everything seemed to go well except for one issue I've been having since.

We have OES2 SP3 (eDir 8.8 SP6) running on SLES 10 SP3.
iManager version is 2.7.4
Identity Manager Version is 3.6.1

When I try to edit a role based entitlement I get the error:

"Unable to obtain an LDAP context. Possible causes: the LDAP server is not running, or the LDAP server is for a tree other than the one iManager was originally set up for, and SSL has not been set up between the iManager server and the LDAP server. Either start the LDAP server, or set up SSL by importing a trusted certificate. "

I have tried deleting the iMKS file and importing the certificate manually as detailed here:


There are plenty of other pages showing the same method of resolving this issue but none have worked.

Any ideas?