I have a SR logged for this, but I thought I would see if anybody else has experienced the same.

We are upgrading from 11.3 to 11.3.1 across 4 different zones.

We have this problem with 1 Satellite so far in one of our zones, but do not want to progress with the other upgrades until resolved.

Currently have 27 successfully updated satellites and a failure with the following error message: 'An error occurred while downloading the update content to this device. Make sure that this device has sufficient free disk space, and valid content server configured with the update content replicated to the system'

Windows Server 2008 R2 OS
2xPrimary Servers ZENworks v11.3.1

Has sufficient disk space 83gb
A valid content server is configured
I have noticed that the content repo on this satellite server is 4.38mb - on all other satellites in this zone they are 3.67gb, so the content repo is not as it should be, I suspect this is the problem.

All the closest servers are configured appropriately.

I am unable to demote the satellite server as the options are greyed out in ZCC and I am unable to find a command to demote a satellite

I am also unable to find a useful command to force content replication to this server manually.

All satellites are from the same image & they are all the same hardware.

Does anybody have any advice about resolving the issues with the content repo? I believe this is what is causing the issues with my upgrade.

Thank You