Not sure if this is best place to post. Getting below error after applying an update just released today on a Windows 2008 r2 server running Hyper-v version of Mobility 2.0. Users could send, but not receive email. Despite the error, after rebooting the SLES VM, users can now send and receive. Maybe the error is unimportant because I found a thread online saying "You can safely ignore these error events. The correct drivers are loaded based on the successful version negotiation." -- Although, clearly the Mobility 2.0 users were not getting to send and recieve until VM itself was taken down and rebooted (not just a restart of the host server which simply reloaded the VM at same active status as it was prior to reboot). So it may be important to watch out for. Just a heads up.

"A storage device in 'SLES 64 11_1 VM' cannot load because it is incompatible with the server virtualization stack. Server version 2.0 Client version 4.2 (VMID 799D061E-95F8-477C-A42E-382A3C8DC322)."