I am setting up a test server (that could actually become a production server) of OES 11 SP2. We have an old Netware 6.5 sp5 server that we have to migrate our ERP system from. The OES is being setup to see if the ERP system will run from it. If it will,
then I will need to move the users to that server and retire the Netware server. The Netware server is also used for file and print services.

The reason for the migration is that we had to migrate to Windows 7 on the desktops; the ERP system uses an older version of Pervasive (9.5) which is not supported on Windows 7. We need the functionality of a newer version of Pervasive for some of the newer functionality in the ERP system. We can't upgrade Pervasive on Novell, so we need to use something else, hopefullly not a Windows server.

So my question is: should I set the OES server up as a standalone server in a new tree? I am afraid to add to the existing Novell tree, which currently runs with our Groupwise SLES 11 SP3 server (eDirectory on Novell server was extended for Groupwise 8, so they synchronize to each other). I can't patch or update the Novell server without breaking the functionality of the ERP system, so it has to stay as is. What's the best thing here? I also need to ensure the existing Novell server stays as is and remains the production server until I know the ERP system will run under OES. I also have to ensure that the Windows 7 clients will be able
to access their data on the OES server if we move everything to that server should the ERP work. All windows systems currently run a Novell client.

Any thoughts and advice would be appreciated!