I have 3 primary servers running ZCM 11.2.0. We plan to retire 2 of the servers and replace them with fresh 11.3 servers soon. One of the old servers is our First primary server CA.
I want to move my CA to the server that's going to be sticking around but I am not sure what it will do to my clients.

If i just run something like zman cae -d /tmp/zenbackup/ca.bak on my current ca then zman cae -i /tmp/zenbackup/ca.bak on the server I want to be the CA. Is that it? Will my clients have problems because the name of the server is different?

I have looked though the disaster recovery document here.

Step 10 says..
(Optional) Reregister all the managed devices and Satellites to the new Primary Server.

NOTE:You can choose not to perform this step because there is no loss in the functionality. However, the ZENworks icon and the zac zone-config command continue to display the IP address and the host name of the retired Primary Server.

Does this mean sooner or later I must reregister my clients if I want the correct ip info listed?