I've been trying to virtualise both IE8 and IE9 using the ZAV 10 template.
The virtual app works fine on my build machine but other machines with later
versions of IE it appears to start and closes immediately.

I found this TID: https://www.novell.com/support/kb/doc.php?id=7015068

The TID mentions an issue with App Sense and to build my virtual app in a
way that windows "thinks' is running from a different location than the
standard program files folder.

The TID doesn't however, mention how I might do this. I guess I am a bit
I've tried changing the launch path before I publish the app but that
results in file not found when I try to run it.

So I guess I am asking how I build my IE virtual app in accordance with the
recommendation in the TID so that windows doesn't believe it is running from
c:\program files etc

Or how has anyone else managed to virtualise IE8 or 9 and be able to run on
machines with IE 10 or 11 already in place.