I am currently running all of my GroupWise 2014 system on the a SLES 11 SP3 server with EXT3 drives. I am needing to move my domain and post office onto an NSS drive for my backup software to be able to restore back on a per user/message basis. So I have created a new OES 11 SP2 server and have created an NSS drive to hold my new domain and Post office.

Since I am not well versed at OES / GroupWise I thought it would be easier to create a secondary domain and Post office on my new NSS drive and move everyone onto the new post office and remove the old post office after everything has been moved.

However, I have created the secondary domain and it is linked and open but I can not startup a new post office linked to the secondary domain. I get the following error:
*com.novell.gw.directory.exception.GwCommunication Exception: An error occurred modifying an attribute value. Path not found (0x8209); remaining name 'nssdom.post-nss'

What could be causing this?