Hey Guys,

We have SEP 12.5 installed on all our base images.

I've found that when trying to enforce an encrytpion policy SEP blocks part of it (so it doesn't do the rebranding, user capture or pass on the admin password) which means when the Encrytion screen loads, there is no domain information and you can't get past that point (effectivley its bricked and has to be re-imaged).

If I uninstall SEP before enforcing the policy, the encryption works fine, but as I said earlier we have it on all our base images. Also we are just about to replace our current encryption with ZENworks FDE and we have a project to re-encrypt about 200 laptops over the Christmas period, with it as it is we would have to uninstall SEP from all these devices.

Has anyone got SEP to work properly with FDE? Is there anything I can do to avoid uninstalling SEP from every device?