I did a Consolidate Migration of iPrint from Netware 6.5 SP8 to OES11 SP2, in preparation of Transfer ID migration, as recommended by TID7004109. Out of 117 printers, 8 failed to migrate. This is not a very big deal, I could re-create them manually on the new print manager. These were the printers where the printer object name did not match agent name - sometime in the past I had renamed the printer agent to force re-install of printers on workstations.

The bigger problem is that iPrint Client Management Settings are totally wrong. I've done some spot checks, and there are lots of cases where container OU=DepartmentX,O=Company has ICM settings with printers that belong to DepartmentY and DepartmentZ. I've looked at the migration log (/var/opt/novell/migration/MyProject/log/iprint.log) but I can't find anything regarding migration of ICM settings in the log.

Also it seems that some printers have ACL entries missing. My first impression is that ACL entries that are groups and users migrated successfully, but those that are containers did not...

Looks like I'll have to go through all the settings and verify them manually, unless someone can recommend a better approach? Fortunately the new server is still in pre-migration state, so there is an option to re-do it from scratch, if only I knew what to do differently next time.