Looking at setting up a VM with around 20 TB of total space, purely for Novell stuff. I'm guessing

I'm thinking along the lines of 2 x HP Proliant 380e servers (128gb memory, and dual six or eight core CPU's in each server) connected to a MSA 2040 stacked full of 25 x 900GB disks. I'm assuming i'll have almost each service setup as it's own OES Server, so I can shutdown an individual service without it effecting any of the other services. So i'll put some services on each physical server, but if one has a hardware fault will keep them all going on the one server.

It will be running OES11 File Server / Groupwise / Mobility / ZenWorks / iPrint / DHCP / Filr / Vibe.

This will be for around 250 users is this a high enough spec system in general. Standard file server, mail etc... and half of them will also have a iphone or ipad synced via mobility, and going to be playing with vibe and filr for the first time.

In general am I looking at being in the right ball park with this sort of setup. I know it's a bit "how long is a piece of string" I'm just after a yeah that's the right sort of thing, or no that is way underspecced in the way of memory / cpu's.

Thanks in advance.