Hi there,

For about 1 month now we are using iPrint for our notebooks that are not in our domain network. We have about 35 printers and mulitfunctionals, and we first have configured our windows drivers because the most off our notebooks are Windows 8.1 notebooks.
We only use 2 drivers for them all. The universal HP printer driver and the Universal Ricoh printer driver and all works perfect.
Now I'm trying to get the macbooks to print. This is a problem. From the mac itself it ins't possible to upload a driver or get the printer driver from te system at all. Safari isn't supported.
I can download a Ricoh driver from a C2051 multifunctional and for the mac but Iprint can't handle that. iPrint only can use PPD files. I can find those files on the mac and when I upload those to iPrint it seems to work perfect, but the when printing the printer gives all ******** instead off a document for example.

What is the best way to upload those drivers?