Unlike zman being symbolically linked under /usr/bin, zac wasn't in the case of the primary Zenworks server. I added the zac symlink, but I'm wondering if this should be necessary. No separate agent installation was performed on the primary; however, zac was apparently installed when setting up the server. This was a clean installation with no previous ZCM server/agent software.

From the ZLM perspective, zac seems to be the new rug. And since I used rug to install/update my previous ZLM 7.x server, I figured zac would provide similar functions for the new ZCM 11 primary server.

Right or wrong, I preferred shelling to the SLES instances and checking/installing via rug (instead of relying on the web UI.) Is zac the correct alternative for this type of maintenance? The infrastructure is very small with a handful of SLES VMs.