We have a number of Dell Latitude 3340's where the ZENworks agent has stopped working at some point after it was installed, late August this year. Originally installed agent version was and it worked fine for some time and the laptops are registered with ZCC. Now when right-clicking the Zennotify icon comes a system message, Application error window, saying "The ZENworks service does not appear to be running. Please restart the service and try your request again."
All services that I know of seems to be running and no related errors are logged during startup. ZESEventLog says "all services started successfully". I can't even find the right-click event in any of the logs. If, however, I try to uninstall the ZENAgent nothing much happens and an error is logged about a .NET exception.
So far I've tried updating the ZENAgent to FTF Roll Up 1, reinstalling .NET, removing .NET 4.51 and installing the one that comes with the agent and, of course, restarting the services. Nothing has had any effect at all so far.
We're on an academic license with no support cases. Any suggestions on what to look for?