Hi all,

Last desperate attempt to try to resolve issues I am having with Sony Xperia M2 Aqua. Using the native mail for exchange client on the phone (running Android 4.4) I can set up the mail sync as with all our other devices (HTC, Samsung etc) previously. However while the mail shows as Sync'd in Data Synchroniser, and the indicator on the mail icon shows 2 unread emails, when I open the mail client and try to open the emails the body of the mail is blank. Trying an app from play store does work, however, I need to get the native client working as adding an annual subscription on top of the phone costs etc. One thing I've noticed it the date on the mail in the client is 01/01/1970 BUT the time on the phone and Datasynchroniser server are OK?

if anyone has some across this issue and found a resolution I'd appreciate it. I contacted Sony and they are not interested - bottom line.