we have a problem with the email printing feature of GroupWise 2012 and we aren't able to fix it or even to find out what the reason actually is why it is behaving like that. Maybe someone of you already had that problem and is able to help us here :-)

A GroupWise user wants to print some emails. Depending(?) on the mail, it opens one of two different printing dialogs when clicking on "Print" (its always the same dialog per mail, but trying to print multiple mails, there are different dialogs):
1. The "standard" print dialog where I can choose the printer, which pages I want to print and how many of them.
2. A GroupWise print dialog where I can only choose what I want to print, but not which page for example (sometimes we just want to print the first page). There is a list of options to choose from. That list contains entries like the mail itself and all its attachments. But clicking on the mail itself in the list gives us only the option to print the whole mail and not just one oder two pages of it.

Is there any possibility to print mails always with the standard dialog? Or to choose the number of pages in the second dialog?

Thank you very much in advance!