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    eDirectory replication

    Hi Team,

    I am so sorry, i am totally confused, now i have some question to get clarification on that also.

    For eDirectory Partition replication what is the best method for two site servers.

    1. We have two sites DC and remote site DR
    2. DC site should be in Active mode
    3. Whenever DC site is not operational then automatically DR site (remote location) should respond immediately
    4. Our 2000 users are connected with this sites from remote location and want only authentication purpose
    5. We want to add all windows machines in to domain controller like Active Directory (DSFW)
    6. We are planning to go with 2 DSFW Servers.
    7. We have some applications which is required Active Directory type domain controller.

    Thanks in advance.Click image for larger version. 

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    Please suggest us what we need to do? please suggest best way to implement this.

    1. Can we use SUSE + OES + DSFW in both DC and DR sites, if yes please suggest how we can achieve this .
    2. Where we can put our DNS and how windows systems we can configure to get redundancy of DC and DR sites
    3. If we are using DNS in both systems how it will work, also how client machine can communicate with DC and DR Sites?

    Please suggest, we are planning to purchase licensing for this, to configure 2000 users in each sites. how we can get support for implementing this.
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