Our Executive Director has a bad habit of hitting reply after he digs through forwarded threads, thinking that he's responding to the person that forwarded the email.

example: an applicant sent their resume to HR, and HR forwards to him. He has a bad habit of opening the forward, hitting reply, and saying things like 'not qualified, please disregard' which is kind of embarassing when the applicant receives a curt response from the Executive Director. Tthere's been others, and they've been worse. It's a bad habit, i'll admit, but I dont see him changing his ways and he's asking if there's a way to help him protect him from himself.

Is there any way to prevent him from being able to respond to forwards? He said in the last place he worked, they used Outlook and IT was able to prevent him from doing it. Looks to me like there's a 3rd party add-on for Outlook that could be installed on the workstation to prevent just his type of thing. I can't find anything like this for Groupwise.

GW12 SP3

Thanks for your input.