We are planning an upgrade from 11.2 to 11.3.1 (2 Primary Servers, Windows 2008 R2, External MSSQL 2008) next week and have a couple questions.
1. After upgrading from 11.2 > 11.3, should we wait any period of time before installing the 11.3.1 update? We always wonder if there are processes that need to run, or if we should just go straight to 11.3.1. once both primary's are upgraded.
2. We see there is an option to Prune the database during the upgrade if there are over a certain number of records. Is there a manual way to do this prior our installation date? Our database size is around 33GB on a MSSQL database.
3. On that pruning note; we currently have Usage tracking enabled. If we disable Usage Monitoring, will ZCM automatically prune/remove that usage data automatically? Or does it have to be removed using some other method?