Is there something going on with Lumension?

We have a valid and active patch subscription, which is reporting success at downloading patch signatures every night - but we have not received any new patches in the ZENworks Patch Management available-patches list since October 14th, except for virus-definition update patches (which we don't use, since we get those by other channels), two Windows Server 2003 security patches on November 18th, and one patch for Microsoft KB3010060 on October 21st.

This is despite the fact that there were quite a few patches released by Microsoft on the November Patch Tuesday, including at least one which is applicable to Windows 7 and about which we received a "you may want to pay special attention to this" security alert. Additionally, there have been new releases of Java, Flash Player, and (I believe) Mozilla Firefox in that time frame, which I would ordinarily have expected to see appear in Patch Management as available updates; the only exception is if there were judged to be no security fixes in the new versions.

Looking at Lumension's latest-patches list (, there have been a lot of patches in that time frame for Solaris, a few for SUSE, and a couple (Flash Player) for MacOS X - but no Java, no Windows versions of Flash Player, no Firefox, and nothing from Microsoft except for MS14-068 (on November 18th) and a batch of Update Rollups for System Center and Windows Azure (on October 28th).

Without a reliable flow of new patches, ZENworks Patch Management is significantly less useful to us.

Is anyone with ZENworks Patch Management not seeing this absence of new patches through the ZPM subscription service?

Is this situation expected, or otherwise considered normal?

Do we know anything about what's going on, and what can be expected to happen in this regard in the future?