Groupwise 2014 Clients set to Swedish or Danish have a feature where an appointment being declined by a recipient results in the decline message coming back in german and not in the language the client is using.

Please note that other messages all seem to be in the correct language. Below is a decline message received to a Groupwise Client using Swedish as only language.

"XXX hat folgende Nachricht abgelehnt: test; (5. Dez 2014 12:30) CET"

Further testing has shown that if the decline message comes in shortly after startup of the Groupwise Client, it appears in swedish, but wait a few minutes and subsequent declines come in in german.

We proceeded to uninstall the Groupwise client and re-install this time including Swedish and English languages, and this time around the decline again was swedish right after Groupwise client startup and after a while it went to be english. So adding English as a client language fixed the "german" feature, which is better but still isn't quite right

Anybody has a fix for this - or have seen similar behaviour ?

Or are we heading straight for a SR ticket ?