My Netware 6.5 server went down a 2 days ago which is not a surprise as it's been failing for a long time. Nothing really left on it of value that hasn't been moved over to the OES server. A few hours later all my computers lost the ability to access my OES server as well. Rebooting the workstations didn't help. Bringing the Netware 6.5 server back up helped some of them get logged back in but still no access to the OES server. Finally rebooted the OES server and that allowed the computers that were already logged into the 6.5 server to access the volumes on the OES server. No machine can log into the OES server though. I have to change the default server in Netware Client to the 6.5 server, log in there, and then in some case go to the client and log into the OES server. It's like Netware client can't see the server until after already logged into the tree. The 6.5 server and the OES server are in the same tree but different contexts if that makes any difference. I don't even know where to begin to look to fix this on OES. Running dsrepair on the 6.5 server doesn't find any errors.