Hi all: First off I know this is kind of a MS question, but since we are also using OES it kind of fits both camps. Let me explain. Currently we have both eDir and AD. Our eDir machines (think OES servers, printers, etc.) use a DNS zone of vrapc.cxm which is hosted on two OES servers (primary). Our AD machines (thing workstations, ms servers) use a DNS zone of vrapc.ad which is also hosted on the OES servers as primary and two windows 2008 servers as secondary (our domain controllers). Our reverse lookup (10.IN-ADDR.ARPA) is hosted on the OES servers as primary and on the AD servers as secondary.

So I want to move the vrapc.ad zone from the OES servers to the AD servers as primary change have the OES servers as secondary and vice versa, so it would look like this:

OES servers - vrapc.cxm primary, vrapc.ad secondary

AD servers - vrapc.ad primary, vrapc.cxm secondary

10.IN-ADDR.ARPA - vrapc.cxm primary, vrapc.ad secondary

So over this weekend I made the switch and everything looked good. I could resolve names for both zones on the servers and workstations just fine, but AD was acting up, presumably due to the DNS changes. I set everything back and now AD is OK.

I am 100% positive I mucked something up with the switch or missed something, but I have no idea. Has anyone else attempted such a switch? Can you give me any pointers which may help me (with the limited info I have provided)? Thanks very much, Chris.