We're in the midst of a GW8 on Netware 6.5 to GW2014 SP1 HP1 on SLES 11 (No OES) migration.

I, of course, have Danita's excellent guide and have managed to migrate the Primary domain with no issues, and it's being managed via the wonderful new web console.

Unfortunately, I've now hit problems. I've created a new 2014 secondary domain, and I'm trying to create a new post office under it.
As we have many users with Blackberries, I need to ensure that there are no issues and test it to death before we migrate.

The install of 'GroupWise Server' on the PO server goes fine, then I run through the configuration wizard, which all appears to go OK. But when I click finish, the hourglass/spinner goes for a little while and then a red X appears next to the finish button.
The Post Office and it's agent appear in the admin console (With a red cross next to them), but 'rcgrpwise status' shows only the admin service running, and the po folder and it's contents have not been created.

Out of sheer frustration I tried creating a PO under the primary domain, and to my surprise it worked with no issue - folder and contents created and Post Office up and running.
This suggests (I think) a secondary domain issue?

I'm not sure how to troubleshoot from here, and was hoping someone could advise further.

Thanks in advance.

I'm no NetWare or GroupWise novice, and though I'm not an expert on Linux/Unix, I often find myself typing 'ls' instead of 'dir' in windows, and I can use vi with the minimum of cursing.