Dear all,

I've searched many Links in google and also the many Novell Forum Threads, but nothing answers my question. This confuses me because I can't imagine that only we have this problem.

Here our Issue:

We want to use Vibe as a File Management System with the feature of file versioning. So we imported our Files (Office files, PDFs) into our Vibe Server and started testing with the versioning.
What we noticed is that it is very easy to destroy the whole versioning of a file! You can reset a files version (f.e. 1.7) back to Version 1.0 with one simple click. It even deletes the whole version history of that file!

Let me try to explain:
We Have our Vibe Server (V.3.4) and many Clients (Win7) that have the Office 2007 Vibe Addin + Vibe desktop Client installed.

Now if a User opens a file (f.e. Word document) from the Vibe Server, with the Browser or with the office addin, makes changes and then wants to save them, he is asked if he wants to create a new version or overwrite it.
If you press "create new version" it does what is should, but if "overwrite it" is clicked, it will delete the whole versioning + history of the file...

This is not acceptable for us, because we need to keep the versioning of files for our documentation we create that belongs to files. It is no solution to change the rights to only read for all users. Because everyone needs to be able to create files, change them and delete if necessary.
Now to my confusion, are we the only company that has this requirement? I cant find anything regarding this problem...

A second Problem that we have is with the lock function in Vibe. You can lock a file but other users can easily open that file (f.e. over the web browser), make changes and save them... They are then the author of the file.
So the lock seems to be only a visual notification that it is "locked" from another user.

Can someone please help me on these issues?

Thanks and regards