Good day to you,

we want to support our software development procces with Vibe. What we are doing is, we make changes to the source code and protocol corresponding things in certain files.

We think in so called "releases" and every release consists of tasks and a list of changes. This list is held in an excel file, so I would like to create a folder view, which consists of tasks and files.

So far I could create a custom folder view with attachments at the top and a task list at the bottom, based on the task family.

The problem is, the attachment view as a standard folder view does not allow colleborative editing of attached files. You can only view and download attached files, but not open them via Office addin. Therefore you can not lock or version files, which is mandatory for collaborative work.

I would like to mix the file folder view with it's possibilities with a task folder view.

Any ideas?

Warm regards