Hey all,

I've been going nuts trying to figure this out, so thought I would finally post on the forums (search did not turn up anything that helped)...

We just migrated to Windows 7, and I got my own machine working fine with Novell Logon. When logging into my Win7 machine for the first time, the little link to use Novell Logon was available, I used it, and it has stuck ever since as the default login. Groovy. Netware Scripts run, drives map, it's all good.

But in setting up our "autojobs" machine, things are not so great. We set it up with a full Win7 install (clean, formatted drive), and the first time in, there was no option for "Use Novell Logon" and no user icon for "Novell Logon" (the little red icon with networky lines in it). We checked the client properties, and they are all exactly the same as my own.

This is all for: Novell Client 2 SP3 for Windows 7 (IR8)

I have played around with the "Computer Only Logon" properties, but those appear to be all for the computer login when my problem is the opposite -- no matter what I do, the Novell Logon link and/or icon is not available. The only icons available on this one, specific Win7 machine are logins for the two user accounts set up on the machine, "autojobs" and "setup". And yes, "Novell Logon" is set to YES in the "Advanced Login" properties of the client. Like I said, all properties are exactly the same as my client, and my client displays "Novell Logon" as a valid logon options when you "switch user".

Password and username for "autojobs" are the same for the workstation and the network -- I know this because I log in with the NW connection screen after I am to the desktop, and I use the exact same username and password as I did for the Windows log on. Every single other workstation in my department and in the office (as far as I know) has the Novell Logon option available and it sticks as the default once you use it once. Otherwise we'd have dozens of users howling when theit email tries to start up, as that is on Novell and would not be available of Novell were not authenticating at the same time as Windows.

Please help! Right now I've done the "poor man" solution of putting NWlogin.exe in the Startup folder for user "autojobs", but that means the drive-mapping script does not run until after one fully logs in, attended. That is bad, because we want the autojobs process to start automatically after initial login, and it needs to access the mapped drives immediately (automated network-based tasks, high availability, etc.) It is maddening that this one machine shows no signs of the Novell Logon on the Win7 start-up screen.

Thanks in advance,
Joe Kaufman